Disrupt the process of internal combustion

When life presents uncertainties, it can affect your mind and it can certainly affect your spirit. It can create in you a sense of distress and a lack of peace. When this happens, it’s all too easy to allow these thoughts to run riot in your head, and internally things just get worse and worse.

It’s really important for you to disrupt this process of internal combustion.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. His desire and purpose is that you would be saturated with the Holy Spirit, that you would allow him into your heart, that you would allow his presence and his peace to flood your soul, your spirit and your mind.

Whatever else is causing you to feel pressure in life, know that God is not under the slightest bit of pressure. Just make sure you are following him. Make sure you stay close to him. As his child, he has you firmly in his hand.

Child of God, God has called you according to his eternally perfect purpose. He will work out everything for your good. This is truth.

Reject the lack of peace. Exchange it for the peace of God. Reject the attitudes and pressure that are being brought upon you by other people who simply don’t know any better. Pray for them. They need the peace of God too. But you don’t need their stress, their misunderstandings and their pressure.

God has you. Come close to him in this time.